Enhle Mbali in a video she shared on Instagram confirmed she is divorcing her husband, DJ Black Coffee.

Wife of the South African successful entertainer confirmed cracks in their marriage after Sunday World reported that she has filed for divorce alongside a protection order against Black Coffee’s mother and sister.

Enhle in her video had pleaded for silence and peace concerning her marital crises, not for her, but for her kids which she has made her top priority to protect.

According to a source, Enhle had been verbally, emotionally and physically abused by her husband and is said to be struggling with depression.

Enhle in her court application alleged that Black Coffee’s mother Faith Ndadala arrived at her matrimonial home on September 27 to bully and verbally attack her. She further added that she was subjected to a plethora of insults by her mother-in-law who told her that she has no claim on the property as she and Black Coffee were not married in community of property
“I feel unsafe as the threats of violence still have me on the edge.” she declared

In the midst of all the crises, Enhle claims she is doing well with both her psychiatrist and psychologist.

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