The two stars who had issues in the past concerning their ex The Weekend but they both seem to be on a neutral level now.

The american singer had commented on one of the model’s picture saying “stunning”, the model however did not respond to the comment and had gone ahead to delete the post completely.
An Instagram fan account saw that as a snub on Bella’s part, and Selena seemed to agree.
She has however come out to say that it was all a misunderstanding and she should have spoken without knowing the whole truth.

Hadid still does not follow Gomez on Instagram, while the singer recently refollowed the model. To this day many fans believe the social media fallout stems from Gomez dating The Weeknd in 2017.

Hadid unfollowed Gomez shortly after the former Disney star was seen locking lips with the singer just a few months after they had split. Gomez also subsequently unfollowed Hadid.

Gomez and The Weeknd dated for less than a year and he reconciled with Hadid in summer 2018. They broke up again last August.

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