“A real man should not allow his wife to be successful” – Nigerian man says

Another Nigerian man has come out to advise other men on what it means to be a “real man” and to have a successful marriage.

The man, who goes by Prince Kellz on Facebook, said a woman having a job breeds pride, therefore real men know to stop their wives from working. He further advised that if the man wants his wife to work, he should open a business for her or place her on salary.

He wrote: “A real man should not even dream for his wife to be successful. Cuz that’s the end of the marriage. 

“Real men stop their wife work so that her pride will reduce. He will open business for her or place her on salary for peace to reign.

“Naturally proof says that … The more woman makes money or gets successful is more she feels that there no need for a man in her life. And she will start developing rudeness, stubbornness, pride and more.

“Next, she will be threatening the man with divorce. Cuz she feels she can pay her bills now

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