Nigerian Mother accused of physically abusing her 13-year-old daughter

A mother has been arrested for allegedely subjecting her 13-year-old child to long term physical abuse.
Activist Josephine Effah-Chukwuma who shared the story online, wrote; I never knew a day will come when I will name and shame a woman for abuse. Unfortunately that day has come and it is today. The woman in this picture inflicted all the injuries on that child’s body. HER OWN BIOLOGICAL CHILD – a 13 year old girl. While she looks healthy, is bleaching, has false lashes on; and is wearing a matching Adidas sports trouser and a top, her child is lean and malnourished. The father of the child according to her is dead. A very wicked and evil mother this is.
Case has been reported to the police and she is going to be detained while full investigation commences. Zero tolerance for abusive women also.

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