Nigerian Customs Service gives private aircraft owners in the country a 14-day ultimatum

The Nigerian Customs Service has given private aircraft owners in the country a 14-day ultimatum to sort out infractions in their import and operational documents with its Tariff and Trade Department or risk having them impounded.

The National Public Relations Officer of the NCS, Joseph Attah, made this known on yesterday  in a press conference held in Abuja.

It will be recalled that in July, it was reported that the NCS had directed private jet owners to verify their documents with the service or risk having their airplanes impounded.

Attah went further to state that the service had already issued demand notices to all those concerned and expected to generate billions of naira once detected gaps are closed.

According to him, the action of the NCS is driven by the need to promote national security and recover trapped revenue of the government in various private jet owners’ coffers who evaded duties and other statutory charges.


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