Mother demands justice for the loss of her 9 month old son who needed immediate medical attention and was neglected at the Ikorodu General Hospital.

She took to twitter under the handle @GucciOyin to narrate the story of how her visit to the hospital went and how government workers don’t take their jobs and works seriously.
She narrated that she got to the hospital around 3:30am on the 19th of July, 2019, as her son was having an attack. On getting there, the doctor wasn’t on seat and the nurse also refused to give first aid treatment to the child, that is oxygen for the weak child.

The story went on that the doctor arrived at 5:00am with no sense of emergency or even remorse and also kept on complaining that he needed to pray at the mosque. He prescribed some things to be bought and administered a first aid on the child then continued attending to other patients.

On her getting back from getting the things she was told to buy the doctor had left the hospital to the mosque to pray and her child was now in a very desperate condition. When he got back around 6:00am, he told her that the child had to be transferred to Ikeja due to scarcity of beds in the hospital.

She later explained that the child died around 10:00am, due to the fact only first aid was administered without other required treatments, and promises to take action against the doctor, by filing a petition for incompetence.

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