Donald Trump is currently in pains to the events that have happened at the NATO summit that just concluded in London.

On Wednesday a video leaked on the internet showing world leaders Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau the Prime minister seemingly mock US president Donald Trump after Macron appeared late for a meeting not knowing their mics were on.

“He’s two-faced,” Trump said Wednesday during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
“I find him to be a very nice guy. But the truth is I called him out because he’s not paying their 2 percent and I guess he’s not happy about that,” Trump continued. “He should be paying 2 percent. It’s Canada and they have money and they should be paying 2 percent.”
“Look, I’m representing the US and he should be paying more than he’s paying and he understands that. So I can imagine he’s not that happy, but that’s the way it is,” Trump said.

During Trump’s meeting with Trudeau on Wednesday, the president said Canada was “slightly delinquent” in paying its share of defense spending on the trans-Atlantic alliance.

Later during their meeting, Trump was asked if Canada did not meet a commitment to increase its contribution to 2 percent.

“Well, we’ll put them on a payment plan, you know? We’ll put Canada on a payment plan, right? I’m sure the prime minister would love that,” Trump said.

Then he added: “What are you at? What is your number?”

Trudeau said Canada increased its commitment by 70 percent but failed to answer the question directly.

“Okay, where are you now, in terms of your number?” Trump pressed him.
“We’re at 1.35,” Trudeau replied.

-Kiss Breaks News

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