Cardi B says the reason she couldn’t meet with the celebrities in Ghana was because of a running stomach. The rapper took to her Instagram live where she cleared the air about what really happened. According to her, she had a running stomach which prevented her from showing up at the meet and greet with some Ghanaian celebrities.

“My stomach is messed up. Bitch, I have some motherf**king diarrhea. Don’t know what the f****k I ate, what I drank, my stomach is messed up. Y’all thought I was f**king canceling people? I don’t do that life. Ghanaians were for coming for me saying I was lying and all that shit, saying I was trying to act Hollywood. No bitch my stomach fucked up! I know i don’t play that shit. Now let me finish taking this shit…they said I was lying! My stomach is really messed up… I respect people, my stomach was messed up…I’ll talk to you guys later, bye,” she said.

Cardi B was reportedly meant to meet some of the celebrities in Ghana during her visit which didn’t happen. This, however, didn’t go down well with them as they took to their social media pages where they called her out. On Sunday, December 8, Afia Schwarzenegger, Wendy Shey, and other Ghanaian celebrities were made to wait without a show from Cardi B. Wendy Shay, a Ghanaian musician took to her Twitter page to rant about the situation.

She wrote:
“So you guys called us to come have a one on one lunch date with @iamcardib and she has been chewing kebab for 7 hours in her room without showing up.
What do you guys take Ghana celebrities for? This can never happen in Nigeria. Wake up Ghana! She is Cardi B and I am WENDY SHAY!”

Afia narrates how organisers asked them to come meet Cardi B but just wasted their time asked them to wait until 8:30 pm while the American rapper literally chewed kebab at the poolside.

“The cheap, talentless, fame-less celebrities, they need it. They can do it. I am Afia Schwarzenegger,” she said.

A lot of people have been reacting to the incident on Twitter. Some of the celebrities have been trolled for calling out Cardi B, a situation that has made the music star’s visit to Ghana trend on Twitter.

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