A mother would do anything for her kids, and this includes American popstar, Brittany Spears.

Three months after the pop star and ex Kevin Federline reached a new custody agreement, Spears plans to make it her “mission” to get more time with her sons.

As it stands, Spears has 30 percent, unsupervised custodial rights of 13-year-old Jayden and 14-year-old Sean, while Federline has majority custody. Prior to September’s change in their co-parenting agreement, the former couple had committed to 50-50 custody.

“She wants to prove herself and earn more time with them,”
“She has been working hard and it’s the only thing she truly wants. She is hoping her mom can help her put up a fight. She doesn’t really know what to do but it’s her mission to get back to 50-50 custody.”

She hates that Kevin has them more and she feels like it’s an arrangement that is not fair to her.

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