Hard to argue that 2019 has been a good year but for Lizzo she has enjoyed the most of it in her career.

Lizzo who is the most nominated artist for the 2020 Grammy Awards, leading with eight nominations including best album, record and song of the year has just been named by the Times magazine as the “Entertainer” of the year.

The singer-songwriter-rapper-flutist went from a relatively low-profile artist to one of the hottest, most consistent frequenters on music’s top charts in 2019.

The singer has been grinding non-stop following the release of her third studio EP, Cuz I Love You. But it was the chart-topping success of her revived sleeper hit, “Truth Hurts,” that catapulted her to fame. She’s been a mainstay on the charts ever since, blessing our speakers with other empowering feel-good odes like “Good as Hell” and “Juice.”

For some, her sudden success may seem it like it happened overnight. But for those in the know, Lizzo has been steadily making music for years while struggling with homelessness, anxiety and the loss of her father. It was just this past summer where the songstress revealed to PEOPLE that she had seriously considered quitting music two years ago when it seemed like her career was going nowhere. But a pep talk from her team rallied her spirits and, thankfully, the rest of the world caught on to the magic of Lizzo, who leads the 2020 Grammy Awards with eight nominations.

Well with banging songs like Truth Hurts, Juice and Good as Hell we would have to agree.

-Kiss Breaks News

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