First Lady Aisha Buhari has lamented the lack of bedroom time with her husband, she says she hardly engages in intimate bedroom conversations with her husband these days because they are both too busy trying to fix the nation and lives. She added that this is why she can’t stop “talking”.

Aisha made the remarks on ‘Journalists Hangout’, a programme on Television Continental (TVC), which was monitored by TheCable.

Aisha recently called out the president’s spokesperson, Garba Shehu, for meddling in the affairs of her family and supporting the cabal which she alleges has hijacked her husband’s presidency.

Asked if she gets to raise some of these issues with the president during “pillow talk”, Aisha said, “there is no pillow in the villa.”

Pressed on whether she raises these issues “even in the other room”, an allusion to her husband’s statement in 2016 that “she belongs in my kitchen and my living room and the other room”, she said “no”.

Aisha told her hosts that her tight schedule has deprived them of such moments. She added that if members of the cabinet carried out their responsibilities as expected, then she and her husband can rest, and she would not have to keep commenting on issues.

“There is no pillow in the villa. No, because we are always busy listening to one story or another. I think the people he put in the cabinet, they should just sit up and do the needful. That is why it is not good to have godfatherism,” Aisha said.

“We just have to choose the right people to be at the right places so that we can rest, so that the first lady can stop talking,” she was quoted as saying.

Mrs. Buhari once threatened not to vote for her husband if he doesn’t sort things out in the presidency. She never wastes an opportunity to criticize her husband, his staff and activities of the government he leads.

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