Gabrielle Unionis staying true to herself.

In late Nov., it was revealed Gabrielle and Julianne Hough were not asked to renew their contracts for another season of America’s Got Talent.

The reasons seemed innocent enough, but the motivations for their departure became pretty clear soon enough.

According to insiders, there were numerous times in which there was racial and gender discrimination. And on more than one occasion, Union was told her hairstyles were “too black” for their audience.

Since then, NBC and the show producers have reached out to Gabrielle and others to see what actions can be taken to remedy the situation.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle is standing by her decision to wear hairstyles regardless of how “black” they may be.
she wrote on Instagram, “Unapologetically me. Be comfortable and confident with your whole ass self. It might give others the fluuuxxx but never stop being you.”

“You can shine on your own terms. And if you got something to say [shrug emoji] I dont take notes rooted in anti-blackness. I love me as i am.”

Yes Gabrielle! The actress is all sass, and we love it!


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